When the rubber hits the road, what really matters is to educate and register voters, particularly younger voters.

Younger people tend to be more concerned with the smokey flame-filled death of the planet than old guys who will be passing away relatively soon. Younger people still see a bright future, they really have no choice.

In most states, people can register to vote after their 17th birthday, and vote when they’re 18. The sooner they understand the power of their vote, the sooner they can start focusing on it, the better.

The ‘vote-buddy’ plan is really effective for turnout. Ask each person who says they’re voting to find a vote-buddy and promise to go to the polls together. Turnout goes up and more votes are cast.

Most Congressional seats have local offices to check out, they always welcome volunteers who want to help with the next election. It’s nice to be a part of something that matters in the bigger picture.

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