China investing $361 Billion into renewables by 2020, creating 13 million jobs and >50% of electricity. By 2020. They and Germany are decades ahead of US in renewables.

Renewable power generation in the Great Plains passed the 50% mark in 2016.

It’ll be sad to see turbines and solar panels all over Kansas marked “Made in China” in the near future, while we build coal plants to keep an ever-shrinking 70k people underground getting sicker. 70k people is a lot, but in the bigger picture it’s not. Arby’s has more employees than that, for instance. These *people* need jobs, and health insurance for the rest of their lives…as the coal industry coughs it’s dying breath, the human families shouldn’t be left to do the same.

Right now, 800,000 people are employed in the Renewable Energy sector in the United States, and it’s growing.

It’s not Rocket Science. It’s not even over Trump’s head, were it explained on television with a PP slideshow in a way that makes him look to profit from it…politically or monetarily.

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