Located in the central, coal-rich Anhui province, Huainan, China has a new floating solar farm estimated to be twice the size of the former title holder.  Seen from space, satellite images reveal a lake about the size of Macao, NASA is reporting. The power plant, brought online in May of this year, can generate about 40 Megawatts of electricity, officials say that would keep about 15,000 homes in electricity.

In a rare Win-Win scenario, the solar farm floats on the surface of a polluted lake created by runoff from massive coal-mining and heavy rains in the area.  From about 12 to 35 feet deep, the lake water itself helps to keep the panels cool, which reduces the risk of the equipment overheating.

As President Trump announces to the world that he, alone, is “pulling the Unites States from the Paris Accord”, he hands the figurative reigns of (renewable) power over to China, the largest economy of the 197 countries still all-in. The United States now joins Nicaragua and Syria as the only three countries actively against the Paris Agreement (not “Accord”).

China is positioned to take the reigns (of power) and lead the rest of the World in Renewable energy.  Time will tell if they are a shining light example, or follow the United States down a much darker path.   They are poised to spend $361 Billion on renewables by the year 2020, creating 13 Million jobs and generating more than 50% of the country’s electricity.


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