The history of the Pomeroy Family decendents in Franklin County PA


Bios: Thomas Pomeroy and descendants of Franklin Co, PA



Edited by Dr. George P. Donehoo

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1930  Vol I

pg. 424

re: surname Pomeroy

Lurgan Twp.

existed as part of Lancaster County as early as 1743. Originally included

the territory of Letterkenny, Greene and Southampton twps. in addition to

its present area.

Among its earliest settlers was Thomas Pomeroy who owned a tract of land

near Roxbury.  He raised four sons and four dau. He died in 1770 and his

widow in 1777.  His sons were Thomas, John, George and Samuel. Thomas

Pomeroy, the first son, remained on the homeplace.  He was b. in 1733

and was, so far as known the first white child to be born in the county.

His first wife and two children were killed in an Indian massacre.


Edited by Dr. George P. Donehoo

Published by the



1930  Vol II

pg. 326

Albert Nevin Pomeroy b. Philadelphia May 27th 1859 d. Chambersburg, PA

Dec 2nd, 1927.

        Brother John H. Pomeroy. Both Albert and John worked for their

father in the Adams Express Office. (Father’s name not mentioned in this

article) In 1885 the newspaper passed into the hands of the brothers amd

was operated under the name of Pomeroy Brothers until 1890 when Albert

Nevin Pomeroy took over the entire business.

        Albert Nevin Pomeroy was a member of the Kittochtinny Historical

Society and the Pen and Pencil Club of Philadelphia, The Scotch-Irish

Society and numerous other fraternal organizations. A director of the

Chambersburg Hospital and the Chambersburg Trust Company. For fifty-three

years he was a member of the Falling Springs Presbyterian Church.

        On May 26th; 1885, Albert Nevin Pomeroy m. Belle McLellan.  She

was b. May 5th, 1860  and d. Jan 12th 1927.  She was the dau. of William

and Ellen Cheney McLellan . They had two sons.  William McLellan Pomeroy

and John Nevin Pomeroy.

 Pg. 327

John Nevin Pomeroy b. Chambersburg, PA Dec. 5th 1889. m Sept 22nd, 1917,

John Nevin Pomeroy to Anna Marjorie Thomas. One son John Nevin


William McLellan Pomeroy b. Chambersburg PA March 7th, 1887. On June 14th, 1917

he m. Edith May Potts. they have one son,

William McLellan Pomeroy Jr.

        The Biographical Annals of Franklin County by Seilhammer 1905

Pg. 248 George Pomeroy b. possibly Ireland d. Letterkenny Twp, PA in

1776. One of the first of the name to settle in the Cumberland Valley. He

was a taxable in old Lurgan in 1751 but lived in what is now Letterkenny.

Tradition states that  Thomas Pomeroy, a merchant of Liverpool, was

seized in the streets by a press gang for service in the Royal Navy. He

successfully escaped by plying his captors with liquor and made his

escape to a merchant vessel bound for America.  No record evidence to

this effect.  The will of George Pomeroy (named spelled Pumroy), of

Letterkenny, dated Oct. 5, 1773

 proves that he was the progenitor of the family.  The name in Europe is

spelled Pomeroy. It was conjectured by the late Maj. John M. Pomeroy that

 spelling of the name Pumroy was a disguise conceived by Thomas in case

of pursuit.  It is also believed that he dropped the name Thomas and

called himself George.  This spelling, Pumroy was used until 1856.

George Pumroy m. Margaret who d. in Letterkenny in 1777.

Their issue:

1.Thomas (II)

2. John (III)

3. George remained on the homestead. served with Capt. John McConnell’s

marching co. of Col. Abraham Smith’s battalion in the campaign of 1778

4. Elizabeth m. Charles Boyle

5. Mary m. Robert Reed

6 Hannah m. John Wallace

7 Isabel m. John Carmichael.

(II) Thomas Pomeroy b. in 1733 d. Sept 1803 son of George and Margaret.

Farmer, lived on his large farm two miles east of Roxbury. In 1763 during

an Indian raid along North Mountain his wife and two children were

killed. (some gory details, if you want them let me know) Thomas was out

deer hunting at the time and thus survived.

 He was a large heavy man. Tradition has it that he was so fat that he

was a burden to himself. His shirt collar was said to be a half a yard


 His land warrants were dated Dec. 17, 1767, 117 acres, 102 perches and

Oct 14,  1775, 176 acres, 102 perches. He was married twice.  First wife

died in a massacre. He married in 1768 for the second time to Mary Graham

b. March 5, 1747. Their issue:


2. Thomas was engaged in boating on the Mississippi, died in New Orleans

of yellow fever.

3.Charles d. in 1825 a farmer near Roxbury. He m. in May 1807, Mary

Holliday. issue: Thomas, John, Charles W., Margaret and Elizabeth who m.

May 12, 1835, Michael Gamble.

4.Francis, moved to KY, left dau. but no sons.

5.George, moved to KY, Left both sons and dau.

6.Joseph, went to KY; left descendants.

7.James b. Feb. 1779.

8.Margaret m. John Adams.

9.Elizabeth m. John White (V)

10.Mary m. John Caldwell and moved to KY.

(III) John Pomeroy, son of George and Margaret went to Westmoreland

county before the Revolution. He was Lt. Col. of the 1st battalion,

Westmoreland County Associators. He was popularly known as “the Indian

Killer.” He took command of Fort Ligonier, Oct 31, 1777. In 1785 he was

one of the commissioners to locate a county seat for Westmoreland County.

 The district where he lived is known as “Pomeroy Plains.” He obtained a

warrant and a survey May 20th 1768 for 24 acres on the Conedoguinet, in

Letterkenny Twp. He m. Hannah Graham, dau of Francis and Mary Graham.

Their issue:

1.Francis moved to Wooster, Ohio

2.John (VI)

3. George went to Wooster, Ohio

4.Thomas went to Wooster, Ohio

5. Margaret; Mary m. James Gibson.

(IV) John  Pomeroy b.  Lurgan Twp. Feb. 25, 1769 d. 1818, son of Thomas

and Mary (Graham) Pomeroy, a farmer, lived on a farm belonging to his

father-in-law in Southampton Twp., PA. A Captain in the PA militia.

Taken ill on a trip to Baltimore and died at the home of his

brother-in-law , David Nevin in Shippensburg, PA.  John Pomeroy m.

Elizabeth Nevin, dau of Daniel and Margaret Williamson (Reynolds) Nevin

on May 12, 1794. She was b. Dec 4, 1771 and d. In 1826. They had issue:

1. Daniel Nevin (VII)

2. Mary b. Oct 5, 1798, d. Unmarried, July 23, 1857

3. Thomas (VIII)

4. Joseph (IX)

5. John Nevin (X)

6. William Reynolds (XI)

(V) Eliazbeth Pomeroy, d. 1840, dau of Thomas and Mary (Graham) Pomeroy,

m. John White d. 1818,

son of John White of “Culbertson’s Row.”  They  had 6 children:

1. Samuel Eaton White m. Nancy Burns

2. Ebenezer, moved to Ohio.

3. Thomas Pomeroy White

4. John White

5. Mary m. J. Harvey Allen

6. Elizabeth m. John Gillian

(VI) John Pomeroy son of Col and Hannah (Graham) Pomeroy. M. Jane Porter

and they had  6 children.

1. John (XII)

2. Thomas d. 1878, a member of the State legislature in 1846 & 47. Assoc.

Judge in Lawrence County. Elder of Neshannock Presbyterian Church at New

Wilmington 1845-78. M. Elizabeth Phillips dau of John and Mary Phillips.

They had issue, James Calvin; Elizabeth m. Andrew Marquis; Mary m. Mr.

Kendricks; Ruth E. ; and August m. Rev. Dr. J.M. Nealy.

3. William

4. Joseph S. A Pastor of Presbyterian churches in W. V. M. Isabel Griffith.

Their issue: John B. A presbyterian minister at Antwerp, Ohio; Myra;

Ella; Samuel and Chester.

5. Maria b. July 4, 18 10 m. (1st) John McKean (2nd) Mr. Donaldson, and

(3rd) Mr. Black

6. Kesiah m. James Wood

(VII) Daniel Nevin Pomeroy b. Lurgan Twp, Feb 7, 1796 d. Feb 8, 1827 son

of John and Elizabeth (Nevin) Pomeroy. He m. Jan 15, 1822 to Jane Means

b. Nov. 7, 1804 -d. March 1, 1830 dau of Joh and Mary (Patterson) Means.

Their Issue:

1. John Means (XIII)

2. Elizabeth Nevin b. July 14, 1825, d. March 15, 1900.

(VIII) Thomas Pomeroy b. Near Roxbury, Franklin County, July 11, 1801–d.

Jan . 13, 1871, son of John and Elizabeth (Nevin) Pomeroy. He was County

Commisioner Franklin County 1845-1848 and Assoc. Judge 1851-56. He m.  On

March 18, 1832, Mary Ann Wilson b. May 30, 1811-d. Dec, 8, 1882 dau of

Col. Stephen and Mary (Culbertson) Wilson.  They had nine children.

1. Mary Jane b. Dec 8, 1832 m. Samuel Davidson Herron on Aug 16, 1860.

Their issue: Thomas Pomeroy, Chalres, Andrew, Anna Mary, Cornelia


2. John Jay b. Sept 8, 1834–d. Dec 1, 1889.  M. Jan 18, 1869 Mary H.

Moore, dau of Robert and P. Allen (Girton) Moore of Danville.  They had

issue: Robert Moore, Ann Elizabeth, thomas Wilson, Edwin Moore, Sarah

Louisa; Helen and Phebe.

3. Stephen Wilson b. Roxbury, Dec 16, 1836 m. Euphemia Knox Smith b. Dec

15, 1841 dau of Silas E. And Elizabeth (Weir) Smith.  Elizabeth Knox,

Anna Mary, Silas Smith and Euphemia Weir.

4. Thomas b. Jan 15, 1839–d. Jan . 5, 1862

5. Andrew A. b. Sept 10, 1841– d March 31, 1865

6. Elizabeth b. Jan 22, 1844 –d. Aug 25, 1848

7. Alexander Wilson b. Roxbury Aug 4, 1846, m. Mary C. Walker b. Nov 25,

1859–d. May 1, 1902 dau of Capt John H. And Caroline (Elliott) Walker.

8. Anna Elizabeth b.  Jan 17, 1849, d. Nov 1, 1849

9. William Culbertson b. Nov 24, 1851. M. Ellen B. Crawford on March 20,

1879. Their issue. Mary Wilson, Darwin Crawford, Gertrude Murray, Ellen

Culbertson and Pamelia Jackman.

(IX) Joseph Pomeroy b. Near Roxbury Oct 18, 1804 —d. Sept 21, 1874, son

of John and Elizabeth (Nevin) Pomeroy. He m. (1st) July 11, 1826, Eleanor

Maclay b. March 29, 1807 , dau. of Robert and Arabella (Erwin)  Maclay.

Theri issue:

1. John Nevin b. Sept 26, 1833–d. Oct 10, 1902 m. Isabella J. Kelly dau.

Of Col. William C. And Sallie (Patterson) Kelly.

2. Arabella Erwinb. Nov 28, 1835–d. April 12, 1839

3. Elizabeth Nevin b. Dec. 11, 1837 m. Jan 5, 1857 Jeremiah Frankhouse.

4. Robert Maclay b. Aug 19, 1842–d. July 27, 1845

 Judge Joseph Pomeroy m. (2nd) on May 5, 1847 , Ann B. Crawford, d. Oct

11, 1855 dau. of Dr. Samuel and Lydia Crawford, Their issue:

1. Eleanor M., m. John T. Nourse.

2. Lydia K., b. Sept. 23, 1849 d. Sept. 5, 1850

3. Samuel Crawford b. June 1, 1851 m. Agnes Van Dyke

4. Mary m. Dr. David Maclay

Judge Pomeroy m. (3rd) Jan 13, 1857, Mrs. Jane Eleanor McGinley d. Nov

17, 1866 dau of David and Eleanor (Herron) Maclay. And widow of John

McGinley; and (4th) Aug 27, 1868 Mary Stewart d. Jan 31, 1881.

(X) John Nevin Pomeroy b. Near  Roxbury  Feb 12, 1808–d. In Washington,

D.C.  Aptil 24, 1848, son of John  and Elizabeth ( Nevin) Pomeroy.  He m.

(1st) July 24, 1832,  Julia Fulwiler d. Feb 2, 1836 dau of William

Fulwiler, of Landisburg, Perry County.  They had issue:

1. William Fulwiler b. Jan 3, 1834

2. Julia A. B. Jan 26, 1836 m. Sept 16, 1857, Samuel E. Samuel of

Columbus, Ohio.

John Nevin Pomeroy m. (2nd) Jan. 9, 1843, hannah s. Slemmer, dau of Adam

and Margaret Slemmer, of Norristown.  They had issue:

1. Margaretta, b. Jan 9, 1844

2. Joseph b. Sept 22, 1845

3. Adam Slemmer b. July 9, 1847 m. Margaret E. Crawford, dau of Dr. E.

Darwin and Pamelia (Jackman) Crawford.

(XI) William Reynolds Pomeroy b.  At “Herron’s Branch” Nov 27, 1811–d.

May 9, 1890, son of John and Elizabeth Nevin Pomeroy.  He m. 1845

Elizabeth Maclay b.  Jan 23, 1819–d. April 4, 1874 dau of Robert and

Arabella Erwin Maclay. Their Issue:

1. Arabella m. James Diehl

2. Robert Maclay

3. Elizabeth Nevin

4. John

5. William

(XII) John Pomeroy, son of John and Jane (Porter) Pomeroy. A prominent

citizen of Lawrence County, like his Grandfather, he was known as Col.

John Pomeroy. He m. Eliza McGary. Their issue:

1. Robert Porter b. Dec. 27, 1843. Enlisted in company D, 134th P. V. I.,

aug 13, 1862 and mustered out May 26, 1863. He m. Jan 11, 1870 to Lenora

L. Fulkerson, b. June 20, 1849, dau. Fo John C. And Eliza (Houk)


2. Mary Jane b. 1848 m. Charles Shearer.

3. Thomas b. Oct. 1849, lived in Oregon

4. Frances E. B. 1851 m. Scott Mitchell

5. Elizabeth m. Joseph Van Orsdale and moved to Dallas, Oregon

6. Myrtilla m. John Byers

7. John W.

(XIII) John Means Pomeroy b. April 1, 1823—d. June 20, 1887 son of

Daniel N. and Jane (Means) Pomeroy.  Left an orpan in his early

childhood, he was raised by his uncle Joseph Pomeroy fo Concord.

He was a paymaster of volunteers for two years during the Civil War, with

the rank of major. On Dec. 9, 1846, Major Pomeroy m. Rebecca C. Kelly b.

June 15, 1829–d. Oct 4, 1899, dau of Col. William C. And

Sallie(Patterson) Kelly . Their issue:

1. Daniel Nevin, b. March 23, 1848–d. March 6, 1853

2. Ellen Jane, b. Oct 4, 1850–d. March 9, 1853

3. William Kelly , b. June 13, 1854–d. July 23, 1862

4. John Heck b. In Philadelphia Dec. 17th , 1856

5. Albert Nevin (XIV)

6. Sallie Bell, B. July 17, 1862–d. July 15, 1871

(XIV) Albert Nevin Pomeroy b. Philadelphia, May 27, 1859. He was the son

of John M. And Rebecca (Kelly) Pomeroy. He m. May 26, 1885 to Bell

McLellan (b. 1860) dau. of William and Ellen(Cheny) McLellan. They had


1. William McLellan Pomeroy

2. John Nevin Pomeroy.


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 Franklin County, PA

 George POMEROY (PUMROY) and his wife, Margaret, resided near Letterkenny, Pennsylvania.

 A son Thomas POMEROY, born 1733, was a farmer and resided on his farm two miles east of Roxbury. In 1763 the Indians made a raid along the North Mountain, and his wife and two children were killed. These victims were buried on the eastern side of the 'State Road', and over their graves at a later time a barn was built over their graves.

 Another son John POMEROY went to Westmoreland County, Pa and was so distinguished in resisting the inroads of the Indians during the Revolutionary period that he became known as "the Indian Killer." He married Hannah Graham 

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